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In the year 1909, in the "Church House", Railway Street, Northfleet, a lay minister of the YMCA Mission gathered around him a group of local lads and explained to them the details of the brand new movement for Boys. This man was Mr Pluce Howden, and the boys included Dan Pryer, Harry Treadwell, Cuth Hopper, Les Dyke, Toby Wrexham, Fred Russell, Stand and Howard Waters, Harry Goss and Les Wilson - good solid Northfleet names - and they formed the 1st Northfleet BP Scout Group.

The original Troop consisted of three patrols, The Kangaroos, The Beavers and The Otters. The movement was, at that time, something completely new. It became popular very quickly and in 1911 was strong enough to send a Colour Party to the first St Georges Day Parade at Windsor. The parade was attended by the Prince of Wales and Lord Baden Powell, Lord Powell dismounted close to the contingent and detailing one of its number to hold his horse.


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