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Clean for the Queen 2016

Clean for the Queen 2016

Clean for the Queen 2016 

As part of our community challenge we took part in the "Clean for the Queen" day, one of the many incentives being organised to mark HM Queen Elizabeth's 90th Birthday.

A small group of Cubs, Scouts and Leaders met at the Hall on Saturday 9th April, and with the assistance of Kirsty, from Gravesham Borough Council, set to tidying a small area near the scout hall.

Sounds boring you think, well the youngsters who took part see this as an adventure into an imaginary unknown world, collecting things like boots, items of clothing, empty cans and other rubbish that had been discarded, and along the way discovered new friends in the form of local wildlife.

Did you know that living amongst the hedgerows and embankments of Thames way are several different species of birds, insects, scary spiders, and slow worms, which fascinated not just the youngsters but the leaders as well.

It is hoped that by tidying this small area this will kick start the people that use the area to think twice about how they discard their litter.

Between us we collected 14 sacks of rubbish, left behind a very clean footpath and park, and a bucket full of thanks from some of the local people who use the area.

When I asked if the children was it worth doing and would you do this again, there was a resounding yes!!!!!

Kevin Braine, Group Scout Leader.

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