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1st Northfleet Scouts


2012 - Our New Home

Dallen Hall has formed the headquarters of 1st Northfleet BP Scout Group since 1969. In 2009 the forty year agreement with Blue Circle/Le Farge expired and a new short term lease was put in place to safe-guard the immediate future of the group.

With the new lease due to expire in 2013, in 2011 the 1st Northfleet exec committee voted to move group headquarters to the building formally used by the Rosherville Scout group.

Backed by Gravesham District Scout Association and Gravesham Borough Council, 1st Northfleet resolved to rebuild Rosherville Hall in order to ensure the long term future of the group and promote the cause of Scouting in the area.

In December 2011 responsibility for the Rosherville premises was transferred to 1st Northfleet by the Scout Association. With initial clearance work completed in advance, Phase One renovation works immediately began, funded entirely by the group.

The group planned to complete Phase One and move into Rosherville hall by April, 2012, which was successfully achieved! Now we continue to grow as we develop the hall making it even better to offer Scouting to the local community and to keep the legacy of 1st Northfleet going as we continue to write the next chapter in the history of the group.

To see all the hard work that has gone on at the hall please visit our gallery pages!


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