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Going For Gold!

Going For Gold!

Going For Gold! 

Tonight was a very proud night for me, for the first time since I took over as Scout Leader of the troop a Gold Chief Scout's Award was presented!

This is the highest award a member of the Scout section can achieve. Our Group Scout Leader, Kevin, had the honour of making the presentation (and was full of praise for the rest of the young people too!).

This is the top award for Scouts. It shows that they are adventurous, creative, have learnt about the world and can lead a team. It also means they have completed all the required Challenge Awards as well as at least six activity or staged badges alone the way... no small feat I can assure you!

On top of this I can proudly say we will have our 2nd Chief Scout Gold awardee very shortly, as well as a third in the not too distant future!

Therefore, a massive well done to Kyle! All his hard work has paid off and he fully deserves this honour!


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