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Gone Home - Dave 'Bill' Taylor

Gone Home - Dave 'Bill' Taylor

Dave 'Bill' Taylor 1946 - 2016

It is with regret that the 1st Northfleet have say goodbye to one of its former Scout Leaders.

Dave "Bill" Taylor was a scout leader during the 1960's and 70's and again later in the 80's and 90's.

He was a hard worker and was always at Dallen Hall carrying out building repairs and maintenance, and liked to organise the family camps, which in it's heyday of the mid 90's catered for over 100 people at Hopehill. He was a good friend and brother Scout who never wanted any recognition for his endeavours, just the satisfaction that what he had done had benefited others.

He was also a very respected member of staff at Kingsnorth Power Station, working on the Fuel Oil Tank Farm, another thing he enjoyed immensely.

He moved to the Lake District when he retired, although he never stopped working, an area he adored.

He passed away on Good Friday aged 70 following a heart attack after complications from undiagnosed Liver Cancer, leaving behind his wife Lesley and daughters Louise and Helen.

He will be missed.

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